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As you guys know, I finally upgraded to P3D! I am sure you guys know there is a monumental difference between FSX and P3D so I will spare you from the details. Anyway, this does mean unfortunately that we will cut down on the amount of PMDG 747 repaints on the site but we will try to make up for it by painting iFly 747 V2 (no promises). I am trying to port as many addons/tweaks as I can in the coming days and so on our blogs on the site I will keep posting updates. So far I do have a stable P3D sim and I am getting pretty descent frames. I would say I can lock 60fps with no problem* (Most cases).  Let’s begin!

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We start with my computer specs:

Asus X99-A | Intel Core i7-5820K @ 4.2GHz | Corsair H100i | Crucial 16gb 2133MHz DDR4 | Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 970 G1 Gaming 4gb GDDR5 | Samsung 850 EVO 500gb SSD| Hitachi 750gb 7200rpm HDD| WD 500gb 10,000rpm HDD| EVGA Supernova V2 850 watt 80+ Gold | Windows 10 x64 Professional | Fractal Design Define R4 ATX Mid-Tower Case


Version 2.5.12946.0 

Essential Addons

1. Active Sky Next (Build 5589)

2. Real Environment Extreme 4 – Texture Direct (With Soft Clouds extension)

3. ORBX FTX Global 

4. ORBX FTX Global + Vector 

5. Aerosoft PFPX (Professional Flight Planner X)

Essential Tweaks 

Matt Davies did an excellent and simple tweaking guide that I followed. It’s a short video but he explains why there is so little to tweak.

Click Here to Watch

Settings Pictures

(Click on images for larger versions)












It is essential to turn off VSync (unless you have some high end hardware). Remember, if you are on a budget PC, turn the texture resolution to 1024×1024 or something not in 4k. This saves you from an OOM! FXAA must be off for performance and the anti-aliasing is up to you. I set 4 Samples but I have gone back and forth between 8 Samples as well. (See Nvidia Inspector Picture below) Target Frame rate can be set to “Unlimited” but we will be controlling the FPS outside of P3D for stability purposes. (The rest of the settings are pretty self explanatory)






















Cloud Draw Distance set to 60 miles which is directly correlated to ASN. (In real life, you cannot see past 60 miles) Cloud Coverage Density is the same. ASN controls it so no need to mess with it. TURN VOLUMETRIC FOG ON If you like that! To save performance, uncheck it.





If you are flying on VATSIM or IVAO then turn off all traffic. Offline AI like SkyAI is just eye candy. To save frames and prevent OOMs, turn it all off. Credits to Alex Farmer for guidance on settings pictures.







This has been part 1 of many to come for the P3D Install and Tweak Guide blog posts on the site. Hope it helps and the comments are open under to post questions. Addon aircraft will follow in the next segment of this series and we do hope it helps out with your own install back home. Keep in mind, these settings have helped me out with performance on my system. Every computer is different and you should invest the time into trying out different tweaks to help make for a smooth experience. Remember that you want to aim for consistency of your FPS; there shouldn’t be spikes. As a friend told me, “It isn’t about how high your FPS goes, it is about how consistent they are.” 


~Admin Rohan






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