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First off, Happy National Aviation Day ✈ !

Hope you all are doing well! I stumbled upon a treasure today for aviation charts and I hope that I can pass my findings on to you. While searching for some trans-Pacific enroute charts, I came across the FAA website (United States of America based aviation services). Here is my findings:

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The FAA Website has these handy charts that are updated too:

1. Low Altitude (USA) / High Altitude (USA) / Area Charts (USA)

2. North Atlantic / North Pacific / Western Atlantic

3. Low Altitude (Caribbean) / High Altitude (Caribbean) / Area Charts (Caribbean)

4. IFR Gulf of Mexico Vertical Flight Reference

5. Digital Enroute Supplement (DERS) for Conterminous USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, some Oceanic Routes, STARs, and DPs.


All charts are updated and future updates area also posted. There are PDF and TIF image files available for the charts and downloading is fast and free (tested inside USA). For those looking for these charts, like me, this is gold!

✈ ✈ ✈ Enjoy and hope they come in handy!✈ ✈ ✈












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