FlightFX is a home grown, down to earth, site where I give back to the community that has raised me. I love to help those that are just starting out and all my liveries that I upload are signed with the love and affection I have for this community. I have been raised in the right hands of the aviation community, and I believe that it is only fair that I give back on my part. I share my passion with so many other individuals and with that,  Thank You all for keeping me safe and interested.

Aviation is a cloud draping over endless categories and skills. There are pilots, engineers, service crews, business men/women, and the list goes on. The realm of aviation extends to the personal computer with the introduction of advanced flight simulators. Not only does this land another set of endless hobbies and enthusiasts, it encourages people like me to develop skills to satisfy our needs. Whether it be scenery creation, aircraft, gauges, or liveries, the demands for specifics only rise when we are greeted to this cloud. Aviation has been a driving force in my projects and has taught me to step out of my comfort zone to take upon challenges that I never dreamt I would do. I never thought I could paint. Growing up, I never really found drawing to be a subject of interest but it was the demand of the field that has brought that inner Van Gogh in me.   
I have been raised in a different sort of community, one that was online and full of people from all corners of the globe. I will admit, I am not the most sociable in school, but the community I decided to dedicate my childhood to, has kept me out of trouble and kept me prioritizing my studies so I can spend more time with you guys.
It started with a copy of FS2002, a hand-me-down joystick from a local swap meet, and a passion to fly. It seemed like a surreal experience when I boarded that Korean Airlines 747-400 back in 2003. Despite being just a toddler, the entire journey (yes, even the long 13+ hour flights) captivated my attention and most importantly, my imagination. Since the early days of my exploration in aviation, I developed my new found hobby for flight simulation. There were the early companies like Wilco/Feelthere and Abacus that released the primitive payware addons. We can’t blame them, they were the pioneers of they payware sector. The lack of attention to detail brought me to question if I could develop my own mini creations. To satisfy my needs, I began working on small scale merges and other miscellaneous projects. Over the course of many years, this has grown into complex XML gauge coding, panel development, aircraft modeling, scenery creation, and most importantly, livery design. It was aviation that opened up ability to learn complex programs and coding to output projects that fit my stringent demands. 
My hobby breaches the limits of flight simulation and onto videography, photography, and most importantly, being a private pilot. YouTube was a new child in the school of the internet, and I saw the potential it had when linked to aviation. My early videos began as simple collages of my favorite airliners, and now had developed into full interviews with pilots and trip reports. My profound interest in aviation has driven me to learn some of the most complex programs in video editing to get my passion across. I self taught Sony Vegas 10 and began adding effects and proper transitions to my mini movies. Some of these have broken 100,000 views to this day. Photography has also captivated my attention. I began becoming interested in cameras and camera gear after spotting at my local Los Angeles International Airport. I now own a mirror less SLR camera and have been accepted to the top aviation picture database websites (jetphotos.net). Airplane spotting has driven me to become deeply involved with photography and has branched my imagination beyond aircraft. I now photograph all kinds of subjects and have been invited to work for two companies for stock photography.  
All is well in my grounded hobbies regarding the ever expanding field of aviation, but there is one thing missing; and that is flying. By the age of 13, I convinced my parents to take me to a local flight school to check out operations. Being under aged, I dreaded the fact that I was a child. I wanted to grow up really quickly so I can take on some fine Cessna aircraft sitting just meters from me. A miracle struck when a flight instructor walked in and challenged me knowledge. He struck a bet; if I could name all the instruments of a Cessna 152 flight deck, he would accept me as a student. Unfortunate for him, I breezed it. Let’s just say, from then on, I have reached over 50 hours in a Cessna 152/172 and am now closer to my Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL). What started out as a hail marry, actually became a reality. My passion for aviation has yet conquered another skill in the endless cloud.   
I began vocalizing my passion for aviation and photography and that is when I met my best friend. In high school, we were the geeks that looked up at the passing airplane during passing periods. I caught him once staring at an Air New Zealand 777-300ER “All Blacks” and little did I know that when I let my guard down, he was staring right at me. It was a bit awkward at first, having two avgeeks trying to talk, but it soon took off. Since that day, we have shared many memorable spotting trips and endless conversations about aviation. 
I may still be a young adult, but my aspirations in the cloud has driven me to peruse business and aviation. I want to work for the big airlines and help bring reform for better treatment for pilots and crew. These are the men and women that make the SkyTrax 5 Star Awards, and these are the very people that deserve better. As an official in business/logistics of an airline, I want to change the way people think of flying. This beautiful subject shouldn’t be a dreaded matter to anyone and I aim at aiding people. Aviation has carved out the fundamental character in me and I will devote my life to this astounding cloud. I hope to climb passed the WX (avgeek reference for weather) and peruse changing the way the industry is rolled out through aviation business. 
Still in high school, I have come such a far way in my childhood. It is really this community that has driven my heart and soul to strive in the name of aviation. If it wasn’t for this beautiful cloud, I would have never been painting, directing, photographing, and flying. I feel like my very existence on this planet is for this cloud and it has passed me through my classes and has taken me to places that I have never imagined before. Let aviation embrace you. It has taught me to persevere through sleepless nights, learn professional programs, and most importantly, to give back. So, fly into that cloud of aviation and see where you will end up. This is a community that has raised me, and this is a community that I wish to serve.  
The vast skies contain only the limits of one’s imagination.  

Rohan Patel

(Founder of FlightFX Texture Studio)

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