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[callout] Black Box Simulations Airbus A330/A340 Family [/callout]

[quote by=””]BlackBox simulations has contributed to our community with the release of their advanced Airbus Aircraft series. As good as the gauges and cockpit is, it is lacking greatly in the texture department. I have taken innitiative to fix their plastic looking, overall ugly, textures with my newer ones. There is alot of work that will still be added but as of now, I believe this is a stable amount of fixes to the BBS A330 Texture sets. I have also included my “Optional BBS Common Texture Changes” folder if you are interested in the other work to make the BBS a bit more realistic.[/quote]

1. HIGH DETAIL series repaints
2. Accurate logo with positioning of all decals relative to windows and guides from the real life aircraft
3. Fully hand painted tail with accurate markings and decals
4. Correct paint of engines and related textures
5. Winglets inside and outside have been painted to accurate standards

1. Real Engine Spinners
2. Custom made dirt and scratches textures
3. Placement of logos/decals in correct locations
4. Wing dirt
5. Completely different gears with less plastic like look
6. Redone dirt and wear and tear marks.
7. Fuse lines less visible to make for a more clean look that doesn’t look fake.
8. Many more you will have to see to believe!



(All Flikr Photos can be downloaded and viewed in native resolution)



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