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[quote by=””]These have got to be, hands down, my favorite liveries to paint. Resurrecting the queen with HD liveries is really a personal favorite here at FlightFX. We have redone the paintkits to include wear and tear lines, dirt textures, aged scratchings, and exhaust gunk. With almost 200 layers of custom detailing, the Queen is truly one of our favorite series of aircraft to paint. We hope you enjoy her as much as we do.[/quote]

1. HIGH DETAIL series repaints
2. Accurate logo with positioning of all decals relative to windows and guides from the real life aircraft images
3. Color sampling technique used to produce accurate colors.
4. Correct weathering locations per livery.
5. No detail left unrecognized especially on our “Study Repaint” series of liveries.

1. Real Engine Spinners (GENX, PW, etc)
2. Custom made dirt and scratches textures throughout the aircraft.
3. Use of 101 pixel color sampling to achieve the highest precision in colors for liveries.
4. Completely custom made wing textures for the 747-8i/F series for accurate experience.
5. Oil stained gear textures.
6. Redone dirt and wear and tear marks.
7. Custom warning labels and seam lines to produce accurate per-livery small details.
8. Over 200 more to see all around the aircraft.


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